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The Inclusive Garden



We build public spaces for “the average person” leaving a significant population to engage.  Inclusion may involve vision, smell, hearing, touching, moving or stationary and an ability to feel safe.


Imagine the awe and wonder that could be experienced if we developed these natural spaces with and for those excluded.


Communities need strong foundations and access for all through public space can create bonds that will not be broken by disease or difference. In the Inclusive Garden, everyone will feel that it has been created just for them. 


PhD researchers in Inclusive Design and Landscape Architecture will develop a blueprint for the worlds first Inclusive Garden

Regardless of ability, race or gender, this is a place that will inspire, inform and include.


Mental health and wellbeing are developed through engagement with nature.

People locally and beyond will experience awe and wonder. It will be a regenerative tourist attraction and as such it will bring people and spending dollars into the region.

Enjoyed 365 days a year the Inclusive Garden will highlight the benefits of Canada’s changing seasons.



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