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We are design scientists

We combine the social sciences with creative technology as a charitable non-profit research hub developing a community of innovation using the principles of Inclusive Design. 

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Why is this new?

Traditionally scientists have been tasked to solve scientific problems, and designers and artists have carried out work on creative issues. We have learned that working together has been beneficial, and multidisciplinary teams have been forming in organizations everywhere, but here’s the catch; usually, one group leads the other. A consulting firm buys a design studio, or a design studio develops an internal consulting group. Neither is free to explore, and all have the shackles of financial success driving them to move more quickly than what’s desirable to dig deep and uncover new thinking. SMARTlab instead fosters thinking and exploration in both spaces independently, to develop design science and that separation, that autonomy, changes everything.

Where we win

Our Focus, Our Belif.

SMARTlab solves wicked problems

  • Using Design Science, we uncover original thinking to deliver success

  • Ideation and novel discovery must happen outside the traditional places and organizations to allow something new to emerge.

  • Inclusion makes us stronger

  • Exploring the untapped 80% of society will result in breakthrough  discovery

  • XR tech will inspire and inform change faster. 

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Complexity Makes Us Tick

They call the "hard" ones wicked — as in knotty, intricate, or as they say, "vicious (like a circle), tricky (like a leprechaun), or aggressive (like a lion). When you try to solve a wicked problem, it doesn't get resolved; it just changes because you touched it.

Adam Baker

SMARTlab solves wicked problems





We form doctoral  research groups to solve multidisciplinary problems

Our research creates steppingstones to a  generation of new products and serves that can make a difference to our community.

We collaborate industry and our community to “find the right problems” and the right solutions.

We deliver immersive, multisensory experiences through XR tech to facilitate greater retention, retrieval and recall. 


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