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Why we exist

We are a non-profit research hub developing a community of innovation using the principles of Inclusive Design to solve complex problems.


A new concept

We start with PhD research delivering groundbreaking research,  new innovation processes, the commercialization of intellectual property, community learning, and a state-of-the-art technology lab igniting positive change in Niagara.

A New Partnership

Through our partnership with Niagara Parks, SMARTlab Niagara we are creating new creative thinking, building global awareness, delivering relevant new programming and expand community engagement so SMARTlab is a place for all. 

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We Ignite Change

Our focus areas include regenerative tourism, cultural diversity, freshwater ecosystems, speciality agriculture, alternative energy and the needs of an ageing population. 

Inclusion + Tech for Good

We have developed a method for change that starts by using Inlkcusive design as a method, a philosophy and a movement to seek out those who have been overlooked and find new solutions for old problems together. Those solutions have an output in tech for good. This tech can be digital or analogue and shared with others to make life better.


XR Tech Lab

What's ours is yours. Our state of the art tech lab goes deep into virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing. We use these tools to create and learn about ourselves. Our research develops new tools, improves old ones and find new uses and ways to implement tech for good. 


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