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Mark Stanley

Underwater Augmented Reality

In Progress

Can augmented reality be used in the underwater environment, in similar ways to in air?

The marine environment is a harsh environment for imagery. This is due to the loss of light and particles in the water, with depth and poor weather exacerbating the situation. Optical imagery alone can provide very poor real time imagery, with the higher quality imaging techniques being significantly more complex and at a high cost. Advances in image processing allow for significant improvement in post-production quality, however there are complications applying this technology in real time. Advanced underwater sensors and data gathering methods are prohibitively expensive, however there are a number of consumer sensors have launched in the last number of years, which include the ability to create 3D wireframes using NIR(near infrared) / ToF (Time of Flight) technology. The approach is to use an Azure Kinect sensor, in an underwater housing to test both the accuracy, usability and usefulness of the technology underwater.


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