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Our Labs

At SMARTlab Niagara innovation and creative discovery are rooted in higher-level academic research. Once discovered these ideas can be developed into products and services that make life better for all. We engage in the pursuit of inclusiveness which means that every body matters. We encourage you to explore our labs and join us whether you pursue a degree, take a course, attend an event or become a funding partner. Through education, business and community we can create positive change and ignite new opportunites. 

Through a new partnership with Niagara Parks, SMARTlab Niagara has an opportunity to create new intellectual property, build additional global awareness, deliver exciting and relevant new programming and expand its community engagement. 

Niagara is becoming a centre for IP development in North America. Some of the areas that our PhD researchers will focus on include, regenerative tourism, cultural diversity, freshwater ecosystems, specialty agriculture, and the needs of an aging population. We explore how creative technology innovation can help build tools to solve the problems we face today. Virtual and augmented reality, as well as 3D Printing, are part of the leading-edge suite of tools SMARTlab researchers use to explore and experiment. Delve into our labs to learn more.

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