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Let's combine forces to ignite innovation in Canada

Funding Innovation

SMARTlab Niagara is developing breakthrough innovation and we need partners to help fuel these powerful concepts, products and services to make Canada better. Join us. 


Fund A PhD

When researchers have space and freedom to explore complex questions using Inclusive Design and Experimental Tech, there is no limit to the new ideas they may discover.  They need partners to achieve these goals. Fund a PhD Researcher or Postdoc today. 


Be an Innovation Project Partner

SMARTlab Niagara is working on projects that require financial support to see them through. Support shoreline reconstruction due to climate change, mental health, building an inclusive society or alternative agriculture. Explore our projects to see how you can be part of the change we need. 


Hire us and uncover your organizations hidden innovation potential

We have discovered and tested a process to dig deeper and to help people and organizations find buried creative thinking. Let us guide your organization through this process and see how the benefits of unlocking innovation can change your business. 


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