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Experiencing Canada's History in Virtual Reality Time Portals.


It is very difficult to understand someone’s point of view without “literally walking a mile in their shoes”. Canada’s history is full of memorable moments and periods which can be described as jubilant, painful, proud or disgraceful.


We need new methods of sharing history, without this knowledge moving forward may be difficult and fragmented. While the engagement of some of these stories may be painful it is important that as Canadians, we acknowledge our past, the good the bad. Without this we will not move forward. We need to include more voices and become willing to see issues and events from 360 degrees.

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Walk a mile in their shoes...

Canadian storytellers will create scripts which will be turned int virtual reality experiences. Through their eyes and following their footsteps we will experience boththe joy and the sorrow of being a Canadian. 

Virtual reality portals will take us back in time to experience real events. By being there the mind is altered. First hand experiences provide context and detail impossible to to share and to take in through listening and watching. You will be there and your understanding will change. 

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